An army of bucket hats and Adidas gazelles took to the streets of London on Saturday 17th June to watch Manchester icons: The Stone Roses sell out Wembley Stadium.


Fans of the Britpop legends took over the town of Wembley before the gig, with popular pre-gig drinking venue, The Sports Bar blasting out indie classics over the jukebox to get everyone in the mood.

Support for the band came from The G-O-D, Sleaford Mods and Blossoms and although I missed The G-O-D and Sleaford Mods, I was adamant to make it in on time for Blossoms.
Having previously seen them before, I knew I was in for a treat. Tom Ogden and the band opened with ‘At Most A Kiss’ and introduced themselves for those who didn’t know who they were. Playing a 10 song set-list the band worked most of the way through their self-titled debut album. The boys ended with favourite ‘Charlemagne’. Leaving everyone singing along and excited for the Roses.

Just before the old legends were due on stage, a girl behind me pointed out a familiar face pacing up and down around the corporate boxes in his white shell-suit jacket – Ian Brown, admiring his audience.

At last, the base guitar of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ started to strum in and the gig got underway.  Although Ian Brown still hasn’t had any singing lessons, the atmosphere was enough to want to make anyone spend a week’s wage on their ticket, and what Brown lacked in vocals, Mani made up for on his notoriously immense bass guitar.

Wearing a jacket with ‘Own Brain’ as the logo Ian Brown took the gig as an opportunity to promote himself, as it is now confirmed that this tour was the band’s last ever and Brown is working on new solo music.

19 songs of Manchester throwbacks by the band were finished off by ‘I Am the Resurrection’ which saw the stadium covered in every colour flare you could ever dream of and 90,000 fans go crazy – just like old times.

Nieve Kate Morrison