27th of April, my little brother’s birthday. So what’s the best way to spend it with him? Well the answer to that is actually, don’t spend it with him and go and see one of your favourite bands with your mate.


Of course it was raining, again, but that’s just expected now given my concert history.


When we got there, to our surprise, our old friends Clean Cut Kid kicked off the night, as the support act. Fantastic as ever, they belted out their most well-known hits, to warm the crowd up.

clean cut kid


During the wait for The Kooks to come on, a curtain was raised to keep us all in suspense. Then, at 9 o’clock it collapsed to the floor as the drums of ‘Eddie’s Gun’ raced in and I don’t know what was moving faster – Paul Garred’s drumsticks or my arms and feet. The first 3 songs, ‘Eddie’s Gun’, ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Sofa Song’ were a throwback to 2006, the ‘Inside In/Inside Out’ Days.


After vowing to keep my phone in my bag and not video EVERY song that they played, the temptation was hard to resist, as every song on the set list was timed perfectly. What’s the better option though – film the night and have videos to look back on, or leave your phone alone and enjoy the moment?



Towards the end of the set Pritchard was left alone, centre stage, with an acoustic guitar, to sing ‘Seaside’ , the  well – loved slow song from their debut album. When he’d finished singing about going to the seaside, he took a couple of minutes to thank all of the fans for their continued love and support, and was then re-joined by the rest of the band.


Another three songs and off the band went, teasing us with the fact they hadn’t played ‘Around Town’ or ‘Naive’ – their two known show closers.


Much to everyone’s surprise, after chants of the two songs names repeatedly, the band returned onto the stage and breezed into ‘Around Town’ like it was second nature to them. Second to last was feel good song ‘Shine On’, putting a smile on everyone’s face just in time for their number one hit to be played – Naïve. By this point I was sat on a strangers shoulders waiting to sing my little heart out to the song that added an extra syllable to my name.


The band are currently still on tour , but in further support of their new ‘Best Of’ album coming out, have just announced a huge UK arena tour. The tour will see them play some of their biggest shows to date, including Leeds first direct arena and London SSE arena Wembley.


Nieve Kate Morrison