So once again the concert curse strikes and it’s raining! Not like that could ever spoil our night though. As we battle through the crowd the get to the front row, Sundara Karma are waiting in the wings. After the band were announced to be touring with Two Door Cinema Club, I knew it would be a ‘2 4 1’ experience.

Opening with the first track off their debut album ‘A Young Understanding’, the band carried on to sing ‘Olympia’ next. ‘Flame’ came third followed by a slower, softer ‘Happy Family’ and finally finished with ‘Loveblood’. Oscar Pollock had a very cool stage presence about him, strutting around, adding in little dance moves and hair flicks into the set. The band are original and deserve all the success in the world. Another good live band for the indie scene. Defiantly the highlight of my night.

Walking out to ‘Kernkraft 400’ Two Door Cinema Club turned up the mood after quite a chilled set from Sundara. Opening with ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre’ the band quickly livened up the crowd. The first four songs came from first album ‘Tourist History’ before playing some newer songs from latest album ‘Gameshow’ and others from second album ‘Beacon’.


As well as their electronic sounds Two Door made their gig as much about the light show behind them as they did about the music they played. With each song, a new light display would match the tempo of the song on screens behind the band.

The new album, which the band are currently touring ‘Gameshow’ has a very techno feel about it, so fit in well, with the theme of the lights. Head to the Not So Naive Facebook page to check  out the videos. The band ended the night with classic ‘What You Know’ but put a twist on the song, as they began acoustic, before breaking into the crowd favourite.


Now the band have been announced in the new Reading and Leeds line-up up, as well as many more festivals in 2017 including Y Not festival and Parklife festival.


Nieve Kate Morrison