So, after waiting since beloved Leeds fest to see the Courteeners again ‘the time finally arrives’ and it happens to be the rainiest day of the year – just my luck. As my friend and I get into the 02 (dripping wet by this point, good job the train station was only a 2 minute walk) we’re greeted by the melodies of new Liverpudlian band Clean Cut Kid.

 Warming up the crowd, the band played latest single ‘Make believe’ which I thought followed the same harmonic ideas as The Maccabee’s ‘pelican’. Still quite new to the scene, lead singer Mike Halls introduced himself to us, along with his fellow bandmates – including wife Evelyn, keyboard player and backing singer. After playing a few more songs, including ‘vitamin c’ and ‘we used to be in love’ the upcoming band thanked Liam Fray and co for inviting them to support the ‘ mapping the rendezvous’ tour.

Now all it was time for was the Courteeners themselves to kick off our night. As the legendary ‘morning glory’ pulsated through the academy the crowd roared as the stars of the show walked on. Starting off with old classic ‘are you in love with a notion?’ my arm started violently pointing to the beat as I shouted along to the lyrics. A few songs down and the notorious guitar riff of ‘cavorting’ belted out and the reason for the name of the song became apparent.

After seeing the set list and finding out that instead of using the number 13 for the running order and seeing 12a instead for good luck, it pleased me to see that they were as ridiculously superstitious as I was. This is when the band left Liam in the spotlight to sing a couple of acoustic solos, with his guitar. Introducing the idea behind ‘De la Salle’ he explained the song was about being told you’re not good enough at school and being put down by teachers. Finally, after inviting us all to the ‘Smith’s disco’ Liam greeted his fellow bandmates back on stage and then told us all to ‘tie your laces Newcastle!’ My blonde head obviously looked down at my Adidas superstars, then back up to my friend who just laughed, as she watched my face go from confusion to rapture when the drums kicked into ‘Not Nineteen Forever’. As the set was coming to a close the chants of ‘what took you so long’ in between every song were honoured by ending with the classic.

The indie-rockers now go on to play the emirates Old Trafford stadium on 27th May 2017.  Supported by The Charlatans , Blossoms and Cabbage, this one-night-only concert is a throwback to the Manchester music scene in what will no doubt be a sell-out event on the bank holiday weekend.

Nieve Kate Morrison